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About the Female Driving Instructor directory


The Female Driving Instructor directory enables you to select a Female Driving Instructor near to you who provides the services you require.


The directory makes use of the latest software to deliver the most relevant results nearest to your postcode i.e. NG3 6BT, rather than merely listing driving instructors within a postcode 'area' i.e. NG for Nottingham.


We've included all the information learner drivers have told us they need to make a decision about which driving instructor to choose, including the car you'll learn in, services offered and prices, so you won't need to click outside the listing.


All of the Female Driving Instructors listed on our site are on the Register of Approved Driving Instructors. All qualified driving instructors have been examined on their knowledge, driving skill and abilities to teach in order to join the Driving Standards Agency's Register of Approved Driving Instructors. For information about the register, please see the Driving Standards Agency website.



Symbols used in the directory


Automatic Car - Please remember that if you pass your test in an automatic car, you’ll be restricted to driving automatic cars after you've passed your test. A full automatic licence acts as a provisional manual licence.


Block Bookings - Many driving instructors will offer a block booking discount if you purchase a number of lessons in advance, which can reduce the cost of learning to drive quite considerably. The amount of discount varies between driving schools as well as the number of lessons needed to be purchased in advance to qualify for the block booking discount.


Intensive Courses - Most learner drivers only have one lesson per week. Intensive courses, however, enable you to learn to drive and take your test in just one week. Semi-intensive courses may also be available, where lessons are spread over a number of weeks, to fit in with your schedule.


Residential Courses - Residential courses are another form of intensive driving which also offer accommodation for the duration of the course. The main advantage of residential courses is being able to learn to drive and take you test in a less stressful environment, away from normal everyday pressures.


Disabled Tuition - Learning to drive brings much greater independence and can open up new horizons for people with disabilities. As well as having specially adapted cars, instructors showing this symbol have the experience and expertise to tailor training to meet many physical and learning difficulties in order to give the best possible preparation for passing your test.


Theory Test Preparation - The driving theory test has two parts; part one is a multiple choice test of 50 questions and part two is a hazard perception test of 14 video clips in which you have to identify 15 developing hazards. Driving instructors can provide structured training, and some offer interactive computer based training, to help you prepare for the Theory Test. You will need to check the methods used by individual instructors when you enquire.


Driving Simulation - Driving Simulators provide a ‘virtual driving’ experience to users, mimicking the operation of a vehicle and reproducing an outside world, through a range of complex simulated experiences and events. The technology used is designed to re-create and assess many of the tasks associated with driving.


Pass Plus - The Driving Standards Agency’s Pass Plus scheme offers valuable additional on-the-road training for newly qualified drivers, including motorway driving. There is no end of course exam and new drivers can obtain big savings on the cost of insuring their car. If you are planning on taking out insurance in your own name, the savings you make are likely to exceed the cost of the Pass Plus lessons.


Advanced Driving - Advanced driving follows the police system of car control, although it does not involve learning how to drive through red lights or how to drive fast! What it does teach you is to observe and plan your driving, anticipate situations and generally become a more skilled driver. Anyone who holds a full driving licence can become an advanced driver, although if you have just passed your driving test, it may be worth having around 6 months’ driving under your belt before you start.


Refresher Training - Driver refresher training can be very useful if you have had a break from driving and your driving skills have become slightly rusty, or indeed for anyone wanting to improve their driving skills. Instructors offering refresher training can quickly get you back on track and help you regain the skills and confidence required to drive safely. The length of the driving refresher course will be geared to your needs.




These symbols indicate that instructors belong to the following National Organisations:


The ADI Federation -The National Federation for Driving Instructors works alongside the Driving Standards Agency to provide support to members and raise their professional status.


The Driving Instructors Association (DIA) - The DIA is the largest independent driver training association in the world. It has representation in Parliament and provides a voice for the driver training industry, as well as benefits and advice to driving instructors.


The Motor Schools Association (MSA) - The Motor Schools Association provides information, representation and services to driving instructors, and help to the public throughout Great Britain.

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